Best Skiing Area in the United States

For sure you are looking for a good place to ski. Skiing is for fun and will entertain you. Among so many places where you can go and ski, here are the places recommended for you and for your family.

1. Tenney Mountain- This mountain is a home of skiers and snowboarders in the north of America, Plymouth, New Hampshire. It has a skiing area of 45 ha and has welcoming and helpful staffs for you. This is one of the assets of the Tenney Mountain Skiing and Snowboarding.

2. Powder Mountain- This is located in Eden, Utah, USA. Night skiing is stunning and enjoyable. It has a vast skiing area of 2800 acres.

3. Kirkwood Mountain Resort- This is located at Kirkwood, California, USA. This is one of the best mountain resorts in the United States, having a wide territory for skiing.

4. Whitefish Mountain Resort- This is in Whitefish, Montana, USA. It was called the Big Mountain in Montana. It is in the list of best Mountain Resort in America.

5. Vail Mountain Resort- This is located in Vail, Colorado, USA. It is best for summer trailing in the United States. It has a skiing area of 5, 200 acres. Truly vast!

6. Alta Ski Area- This is located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. The snow is really perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Good weather too.

7. Heavenly Mountain Resort- This is located in Lake Tahoe, California. It has overlooking sapphire-blue waters that will wow you, but the price is high compared to other skiing area.